Wholesale Division

MUE's services to schools and colleges across Australia extend to management advice on garment supply and the establishment of on-campus retail shops.
Whether you are considering outsourcing your current on-campus uniform shop or establishing one, MUE can tailor a retail solution that will suit your school’s individual needs.
MUE provides state of the art point of sale and stock management systems, EFTPOS and layby facilities. At MUE, we are singularly focused on school and college apparel and are recognised as specialists in this field. We will ensure that your students are the best dressed in the highest quality apparel provided through the most efficient retail operation possible.
We continue to strive for ever-increasing quality standards. For more information about outsourcing your on campus uniform shop or to set up a meeting with out Retail team

Outsoursing Benifits

  • Secure & Easy Shopping
  • One-Stop Shop
  • Stock Management
  • Reliable Supply
  • Competitive Pricing